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FM How long have you been in this profession?

Honestly, it hasn't been long at all. I've only been doing this for approximately 3-4 months. It just started off one day as a joke and I started to take it more serious as the days went by.

FM What do you feel is your best attribute?

I believe my best attribute has to be my creativity. I'm blessed with the ability to turn everyday situations into a comedy spectacle for others. 2R

FM Give us a talent you have that someone would not know about you?

A hidden talent that I have that someone wouldn't know about me is my ability to somersault. I can really do about five or six back flips back to back. I've never taken any gymnastic lessons or anything, its just a talent I have and not sure where it came from.

FM Wheres your hometown? What separates you from the competition. Why would someone pick to watch your work over the next person?

My hometown is a small city named Kenner, which is on the outskirts of New Orleans Louisiana. What separates me from my competition has to be my humbleness. My fans are always surprised and excited when I comment back on my post to them. Their so use to celebrities always ignoring their compliments and praises but I read everything and want everyone to know their words are appreciated. I think someone would pick my work up to watch over the next person because my dedication shows in my work. I don't make a penny off making videos but I get up every morning with the busy schedule that I have with school and football; to make sure I give my everyday on-looking fans a much needed laugh for the day. My only motivation is knowing I have the ability to change someone's whole mood with just a 15 second clip. I don't think anyone else who's doing what I do have the same reasons for doing it. Money will never be my reason for wanting to make people laugh. I just want people to know that I have a big heart and I want to help as many people as I can when I can.

FM Where can people interested in you find out more info on your movement & or projects?

As of now my website:
www.shooshkadoodle.com is still under construction; that's where everything will be. Until then I post my every move on twitter and instagram @2realmacdatfee.

FM What do you like to do in your off time?

In my off time I enjoy just hanging out with some of my closest friends. Hanging out with them usually consist of joke telling, bowling, shopping, and the most laughs ever provided. Its never a dull moment with them.

FM Do you model your style after anyone in particular? What is a dream situation that you would like to be in?

My style was modeled from Tyler Perry. I enjoy all his plays and movies and the character he's created for himself.
A dream situation I would like to create is how a young man like myself worked at a fast food restaurant with no idea in mind that he had acting skills. He one day came up with the idea to use instagram as a way to make people's day with funny clips. He then gets a call from his role model Tyler Perry who asks him to star in one of his new upcoming movies. Just to show that you should never give up on your dreams because you never know where hard work and dedication can get you.


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